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Here at Faith Legacy Ministries, we are committed to serving God and reaching out to those in need, as well as those who have not ever heard the message of Jesus Christ.  We work to see people's lives changed and churches established in areas where there are none. 

We are excited to branch out and are working among the Nahuatl and Tenek Indians in the Huasteca region of Mexico.  We have a Bible School in Bustamante, Tamaulipas and do outreach to many areas south of there, practical training in Bible, practical ministry and also training them in trades through workshops.  There are so many areas still without a Gospel message touching their lives in any way.  We have accepted the challenge and look forward to a harvest of souls in the Huasteca area, as well as all across the country of Mexico and wherever God leads.

Although the majority of our work is among the Mexican people, we also do ministry from time to time in other countries.  Glenda has ministered in over 20 countries and has a vision to reach out to many others as the God opens the doors.
Glenda with the people of HidalgoGlenda with Pastors in Santiago Tlamaya, SLPGlenda ministering in Hidalgo, MexicoBaptismal in SLP, Mexico
Pastors Simon, Antonio and Rosa in the Huasteca, SLPReceiving Christmas Toys and giftsMaking tortillas for a conference!Handing out toys at Christmas
Crowd under the open air tabernacleBuilding homes in the coloniasTeams dedicating a new home to the LordJoining in and learning songs
New area we started ministering to in Feb., 2012Feeding the hungryPart of crowd at coloniaHappy to receive some food after church
Mission team hard at work!Village watching dramasCampmeeting memoriesBible School in Bustamante
Open air crusadesChristmas blessingsMinistering to a group of youthMexican ministers
Seeking the Lord at the altarChildren's service in MexicoServing the Lord and serving those He lovesLearning the songs
Telling the Bible StoryTaking it all inListening intentlyOk, what was our verse today?
Look at our big fish!Moms helped with crafts too! Ready to Serve the meal to those at VBSTeaching the Lesson
VBS Game timeAnita and Glenda ministering at Border MissionsJesus Loves Even Me!Glenda praying for people
Ready to climb the mountains!Conference in Cuahutemoc 2016.Conference in Rancho NuevoAltar call in Felipe Angeles
F.L.M. is and has been involved in various areas of ministry and we invite you to be a part of what God is doing in our corner of the world.  Some of these areas include but are not limited to:
  • Bible School and leadership training
  • Pioneer evangelism
  • Church Planting
  • Food distribution for needy
  • International Crusades
  • Clothing the needy
We invite you to become a part of what God is doing through F.L.M.   With your prayers and support we will be able to continue touching many people with the life changing message of Christ.
 Missions in Action
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Reaching out and touching lives; serving the Lord anyway we can by being a blessing to those around.
We may not be able to do everything and help everyone - but we can do something and we can help someone!  Let your light shine for Jesus and be a blessing to someone today!
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